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Top 3 compelling reasons why you should visit Kashmir

Kashmir was regarded as ‘Heaven on Earth’ due to its enchanting beauty and thought to be one of the most beautiful places for a tourist. Although some terror activities negatively affect tourism here, its mesmerizing charm has not faded away. But now the story has changed dramatically because Kashmir is under the direct control of the Government of India that’s the place is going to see a considerable number of tourists in the coming years according to tourism experts, even now it is welcoming its guests with heart and soul. www.e-visaindia.com helps you to find hassle free Indian Visa

Its canals, houseboats, popular Dal lake, piping-hot, mouth-watering cuisines, local beverages like Kahwah, woodcarvings, dried fruits, apples, saffron, Kashmiri shawls and white mountains covered with snow are the reasons in Kashmir that grab the eyeballs of tourists despite being considered a terror-attack-prone place.

Want to know more like them? Then here are the top reasons why you should visit Kashmir:

1. Mesmerizing beauty

On coming to Kashmir, tourists find almost impossible to get back to their homes due to the breathtaking views they see here. Kashmir is home to Chashma Shahi, Nishat, Mughal Gardens, Gulmarg, Sonamarg and Phalgam, which are no less than a wonder. As far as Leh Ladakh is concerned, its beauty if boosted with snow-covered mountains and blossoms of yellow, white, pink, red and the like flowers that are evocative of the rainbow.

its azure skies become more beautiful when silver clouds move around them. Moreover, when one sits inside a houseboat, then they forget the stressful city life and see heaven without closing their eyes.

2. Appetizing cuisines and drinks:

Kashmir fills the memory of its tourists with appetizing foods and beverages that remain in their minds for the whole life. Two famous beverages are Noon Chai and Kahwah (Green Tea), you will find people in this freezing place almost always with a cup of a hot beverage to combat the cold. There are around 20 varieties of Kahwah found in the different places of Kashmir. Apart from that, when it comes to food then ‘kakri ke Pakore’ are the first choice of many, especially in the winter season. The place is more than heaven for non-vegetarians, as it offers a large variety of kebabs. You can enjoy delicious chicken and piping-hot kebabs to keep you warm and quench your hunger. 

Some veg foods have also earned fame due to their yummy taste. Some of the veg and non-veg Kashmiri cuisines are Dum Oluv, Nadir-Waangan, Muj Gaad, Rajma-Gogji and so on.

 3.  Thrilling sports activities

Kashmir is also known for its thrilling sports activities that its tourists indulge in. there are plenty of adventurous activities that make Kashmir an ideal place for thrill lovers. The places where such activities are provided are Sonmarg, Gulmarg, Drass, Gulmarg and so on. High mountain ranges and the gushing rivers of the places give birth to a large number of opportunities for adventurous activities.  

The most famous ones are Golf, Fishing, Skiing, Mountaineering, River Rafting, Trekking, Paragliding, Backpacking, Canoe Trips, Aero Sports, Kayaking, Camping and so forth. Such activities and fun from being indulged in them make Kashmir one of the best tourist destinations in India.


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