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Top 5 huge reasons to visit Mumbai for your holiday

There are innumerable reasons to visit Mumbai from its architectural beautiful historical buildings, fresh air near on the seashore, mouth-watering street foods, exclusive hospitality in the Taj hotel, shades of Marathi culture, metropolitan hues prevalent everywhere, Bollywood to boisterous, colourful markets. Apart from that, the financial capital of India is laden with enthralling history and art museums, entrancing shopping places and thunderous disco clubs, which are enough for a domestic or international visitor to indulge in.

And, if you are in quest of some peace and tranquillity, then this boisterous city won’t disappoint you because Mumbai houses the largest tropical forest in an urban zone where you can take some deep breaths and smell the soothing fragrance emanated by lush green trees and plants laden with colourful flowers. www.e-touristvisaindia.com helps you to find hassle free Indian E Visa.  
so, by now, you must have a crystal-clear idea of the things to do in Mumbai. Despite that, we are giving you a list of 5 huge reasons to visit Mumbai for your holiday.

1. Delicious street foods:

If you are a food lover, then Mumbai is the ideal place for you, as it has uncountable varieties of street foods from sweet to spicy, from crispy to soft, soggy. Just forget counting calories and taste the best street foods in the world. Its historic eateries boast piping-hot kebabs that will compel you to lick your fingers even after finishing your whole plate, panipuri whose spicy taste will remain in mouth for sometime and in mind for whole life, famous sweets of Kolkata whose sweetness will compel you visit the sweet shop every evening and vada pavs that easily affordable whose melting butter piece on the hot pav will leave you with a craving for the same every time you think of that.

Such mouth-watering cuisines and street foods make Mumbai the best place to visit for foodies.

2. Hues of history and culture

One of the main reasons behind Mumbai’s being one of the most visited tourist destinations is its cultural and historical sites. Apart from the Gateway of India, this lively city boasts its enthralling architecture, appealing museums and some mysterious Hindu, Buddhist caves. One of the best places to visit in Mumbai is the Elephanta Caves, which is choke-full of temples, beautiful halls, sculptures of Hindu gods made of stone and so on are the points of attraction on the Elephanta Island in Bombay Harbour. the enthusiasm of its people reaches the peak on the festival day of Ganesh Chaturthi where people of all religions partake in religious activities and get immersed in dancing and paying own devotion to the god. Here, you can catch a perfect glimpse of the Maharashtrian culture that will make its own place in your heart and soul for your whole life.

And, the old city Bombay has maintained its charm due to a tremendous number of beautiful temples, magnificent monuments like Gandhi House, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Bhau Daji Lad Museum and Haji Ali Mosque.

3. Have comfort on the lap of Nature

Staying in such a busy city means the traffic sound bustle from the people will buzz around your ears, but you can get rid of such hustle and bustle by visiting the Sanjay Gandhi Park, which is the largest urban park in city limits boasts entrancing flora and fauna apart from a resident tiger population. You can take fresh air filled with the fragrance of Nature in this lush green dense park. Apart from that, this fact will definitely delight you that this famous city is very close to some of the best trekking destinations in our country like Harishchandragad to Kalsubai peak. If you want easily Urgent Indian Visa and Indian E Visa then you have to apply through www.e-touristvisaindia.com. Relax your whole body, take a walk, breathe deeply, see colourful flowers and taste the purity of Nature with your eyes. Doing so, you will feel a new life in every new breath you take.

4. Hear the sound of sea waves at Marine Drive

Mumbai is worldwide famous for its sea view from the Marine Drive, especially when the sun sets. If you are with your better half, then this romantic moment will definitely raise your heartbeat and take you to the enchanting world whose beauty is beyond description. For a moment, you will not find this place the most beautiful coastline, but its allure is no less than heaven.

You can have a plate of Bhelpuri sold around from any stall and chat with your loved one holding their hand. Such a romantic experience can be one of the best reasons to visit Mumbai for a couple. 

5. The glamour of sparkling Bollywood

Mumbai is the central point of the Hindi film industry called Bollywood. It is the largest film industry in India. Visiting Mumbai without going to the cinema means your Mumbai holiday is incomplete.

Go and see lively theatres and artists whose acting will leave you open-mouthed with surprise. Go to see Film City’s studios in Goregaon and film starts’ mansions in Bandra where their fans wait for the whole day to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars. Innumerable people come here to become actors and get lost in the crowd of this city filled with art, music, dance, enthusiasm, fun and so on. The city is also called the New York of India, as it never sleeps like the American counterpart.

Let’s sum up

Here, we told you about the top 5 reasons why you should visit Mumbai for your holiday. The city is laden with the charm of Nature, enthusiasm coming from the boisterous festivals, mouth-watering street foods, entrancing glamour of Bollywood and so on. If you, as a foreigner, have decided the things to do and places to visit in Mumbai, then you’d better apply for an Indian e-tourist visa, which can be applied for and received online.

If you have any question or doubt filled in your mind, then contact us to eliminate the confusion and pack your bags for the most memorable holiday of your life.


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