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Top 5 Hidden-Gems of Junagadh to Visit in Gujarat

Junagadh, a historical city in Saurashtra in Gujarat, near the foothills of Girnar, far about 350 km from the Ahmedabad. It is believed that around 319 BC, the constructed was developed. And, Uparkot Fort is a testimony, which presents the Mauryan Dynasty today, and it is also said that this fort is built by Chandragupta Maurya. E Visa India helps you to find hassle free India Visa. A king named Graharipu came around 976 AD and since then Junagadh Fort came under various dynasty.

This fort is believed to be the oldest, however, it is not the only place where you can visit with your family members. There are so many places to visit over here and we are going to display the top 5 hidden-gems of Junagadh.

1. Mohabbat Maqbara, Junagadh

This Maqbara is also known as the Mausoleum of Bahaduddnbhai Hasaninbhai. It is one of the unique and unparalleled architectures, which emphasis people to visit over here. It is one of the most important and attractive monuments of Junagadh.

Here, Mohabbat Khanji was living, but after his death, it has turned into Mohabbat Maqabra and also became tomb of Bahududdhin Hasainbhai. The Bahaduddinhassainbhai Maqabra was built around in the late 19th century. However, this monument shows a unique example of Indo-Islamic and Gothic architecture with beautiful designs, arches. The Maqabra is elaborated with stones, has beautiful carvings on the windows and walls. The silver-decorated portals are dynamic and the winding staircases enhance the beauty of four tall minars. It also has an old step-well in the grounds, which were once made to fulfil the need of water. That’s not all, it has also an onion-shaped dome Jama Masjid, which is located nearby.

2. Uperkot Fort, Junagadh

The fort is developed around 2300 years before with 20 m high walls in some places, and it has once used to be 300ft. moat inside the walls and was inhabited with dangerous crocodiles so that the fort could be protected. Neelam and Manek ratn or auspicious gem, forged in Cairo and somehow brought by the Turks—two major tourist attractions in the fort. Here, you will also find stepwells and caves.  If you want easily Indian Visa Online and E Visa India then you have to apply through Indian E Visa.  

3. Girnar Hills, Junagadh

Girnar Hills is considered to be originated on the times of Vedas, and known as the religious place even before the Mohanjodaro city built. However, Girnar Hills are a collection of hills. Here, people come to worship, because this place is known as the Hindu and Jain pilgrims. It is also one of the finest places, considered as nature’s paradise because it is situated in the midst of Gir Forest. Girnar offers its visitors and traveller an amazing number of trekking avenues, pre-historical sites, mountains, and religious spots.

4. Adi-kadi Vav and Navghan Kuwo

These are the two steps that are built inside the Uperkot Fort. Usually, wells are dug into the ground on the layers of soil and stones, but this construction is done above the ground.

However, the USP of stepwells isn’t dug the well, but it was built on the ground and the structure was on a single carved stone.

5. Edicts of Ashoka

Do you think that what is the meaning of edict? Well, let us tell you that an edict means is an order or decree, which is issued by the official authorities. King Ashoka is known as one of the renowned and well-established kings of India and known for his Kalinga battle the most. However, after some time, he took the virtues of Buddhism by leaving his throne to get peace of mind. And, this had become his new mantra of life—Mindfulness, gratitude, meditation, and kindness. To spread the message of peace, he went to the coasts of India to Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. And, one such edict is Girnar Hill in Junagadh, Gujarat.  If you are an International traveler and interested to visit India then you need valid Indian Visa to enter in India. 

However, if you want to witness these beautiful places in Gujarat, then you must visit India with complete preparation.


In this article, we have talked about Junagadh’s hidden-gems where you can be able to visit with your family members, friends and partners on your holiday and vacation this summer. This article also helps you know about the historical places of Junagadh as well. That is the reason behind, before writing this article so that you can travel with complete information and journey to India can be peaceful and wonderous with surprises.


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