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7 tips for first-time foreign travellers in India

India has earned a glowing reputation all over the world for its magnificent beauty, enthralling culture, deeply-rooted tradition and warm-hearted people.  We help you to find hassle-free Indian Visa Online.That’s why a tremendous number of foreigners visit India regularly, however as the saying goes ‘every coin has two sides’; the second side of this culturally-blessed is its some cheats, robbers and other ill-minded people, always in search of a chance to trick foreigners into giving them money or take advantage of their innocence.

Apart from that, we have prepared a list of suggestions for tourists in India, especially those visiting it for the first time. The answer to the most common question that must be prevailing in mind ‘ what precautions to take when travelling to India?’ lies in this blog.

7 tips for a first-time traveller in India:


1. Keep patience

The noisy atmosphere, dust, shouting-people, scorching sunshine if visiting in the summer and unwanted attention must be enough to take away your patience. But remember that patience is the most important companion for your Indian trip.

Apart from that, when going to religious places, you will find a large number of people coming to you, blessing you and asking you to give them some money, so that’s the final test of your patience.

Just say ‘Jao’ means ‘go’ to them and ask any police officer for your safety. Don’t indulge in any argument with anybody.

The best thing is to be mentally prepared for such things; doing so, you won’t be shocked or offended.

2. Do some research and learn some Hindi

Make a list of those places that you find worth-visiting and check your budget before packing your bags. One more thing is to learn some Hindi, not only for yourself but also for Indians, as they love it when a foreigner talks to them in Hindi.

Furthermore, buy some Indian clothes to look familiar, plus it will also make you more attached to India internally. Check the hotel in the area, check the bus or train, check whether the place is safe or not, check the current weather condition or last but not least the current atmosphere of the place, as sometimes, elections or other reasons cause many troubles in transportation, finding hotel rooms, etc.

3. Give your excitement a break

Visiting Europe means you can visit many countries in 2 weeks, but the story is completely different in India; this vast country will squeeze every drop of your energy and patience.

If you really want to enjoy this heavenly-blessed land, then sit down, relax, take deep breathes, think what you love and pick destinations according to your activities.

Many tourists travelling to India have to deal with greedy auto drivers, bear the unbearable smell of dirty toilets, experiencing buses stopping at night at a local dhaba or sometimes, arguing with some shop keepers for asking you more than the right price.

The things mentioned above are very normal to many tourists, however, if you plan everything systematically and do all one by one, then such nuisances will not annoy like when you are unprepared for such a horrendous experience.

So, choose only 2 to 3 cities in your whole trip. If you can’t control your excitement, then you will be extremely tired, which will spoil your whole trip.

4. Come to India according to the season and time you can stand

India is very seasonal, which is why it can turn a beautiful trip into a horrendous one if not thought about it carefully. The country has two monsoon seasons hitting different areas at different times.

In the winter season, many passes or roads in northwest parts get closed, getting on the nerves of tourists. Goa in May is almost desolate and without any fun or party. If you want an urgent indian visa to travel in India, then do apply now to get an e-visa within 24 to 72 hours.

And, many places in the winter season have a large number of tourists, which is the worst time visit places like Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan for those who can bear crowd.

So, know the season and time and make your trip plan according to that.

5. Stay away from oily or street foods

Many foreigners fall ill in India because they can’t control themselves seeing the piping-hot cuisines of India and indulge in their flavour, forgetting they are on a trip.

Unless you have peeled yourself, don’t eat fruits, cucumbers and other items that look tempting. Even before you buy something to eat, check whether the shop has many customers coming to it or flies only.

Most Indian foods are very oily and spicy, so stay away from them and take some medicines after the recommendation of a medical expert so that you can save your belly from being punished.

Avoid drinking tap water and stay away from non-veg foods from any small shop, as it is more harmful than any other food in India.

6. Pack clothes according to season

Many places in India are extremely hot in the summer while a large number of them become unbelievably cold in the winter season. So, pack your clothes according to that.

The best thing in India is that you can buy clothes for the summer season like kurta, salwar kameez, dhoti and other Indian clothes that will help you tolerate the heat of the scorching sun.

You have cheap laundry and shopping in this country, so you can wear your clothes again and again whenever you want.

7. Check authenticity and IDs

In a vast country like India, innumerable people will come to you or contact you to choose them over their competitors, but you must be careful and most of them are frauds who can trick you into giving them too much money.

Therefore, you should check the hotel name, location, contact number room price, food, if having kids, then garden area and so on. After finding everything satisfactory, make your move.

Furthermore, if any person is coming to you, then try to ask them to show their IDs to avoid any trouble.

Furthermore, always take photos of a car driver or auto driver, their number plate, their contact details and send it to your known ones for your safety. If you are an international traveller and curious to visit India, then you need a valid Indian e visa to enter the country.


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