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Ten famous cuisines of Jaipur you must eat during your visit

When you hear the word Jaipur, you must be thinking of royal forts, rich cultural heritage, intriguing traditions, museums and the like. But, the beauty of the pink city goes beyond all these things. If you want to get your Indian Visa Online done within some days, then we help you with it. Visit us and apply hassle-free. One big reason that grabs the attention to this amazingly-beautiful city is its street foods and traditional cuisines.

To give your taste buds the best gift, you must try some mouth-watering Rajasthani food. Therefore, we have prepared a list of most loved foods in Jaipur so that you can taste them to add spice to your trip when visiting this Maharajas’ land.

Top 10 famous foods of Jaipur for an unmatched taste:


1. Lassi

If want to cope with the unbearable heat of this semi-desert area, then your best companion is Lassi, which is a mixture of yogurt, dry fruits and some sugar additives.

It is served in Kulhads, earthen glasses. Its coolness will refresh your veins and put a lot of energy in you to explore the royal beauty of this place. It is one of the most loved beverages in the city because it is not a gift to taste buds only, but it is also an energy-booster for instant energy due to having sugar.

2. Dal Baluchi

Another famous dish of the pink city is Daal Baluchi, whose taste remains in the mind of tourists for their whole life and compel them to order it whenever visiting the city.

This lentil curry is a specialty of the city made from tasty spices and served hot, whose aroma increases the hunger of from hungry ones to tired ones. Without tasting this local food, your Jaipur visit is incomplete.

3. Pyaz ki Kachori

One of the most delicious, famous street foods in Jaipur is Pyaz Kachori. It is a deep-fried whole wheat pastry filled with fried onions, other spices and the like. However, you must remember that you’d better eat this in limits, as it can lead to an upset stomach.

So, when you visit this beautiful city next time, don’t forget to taste this spicy cuisine of Jaipur.

4. Mutton Tikka

Jaipur has the image of being a city of traditionally-rooted people, thus many people consider it to be a land of vegetarians, but a large number of non-vegetarians leave no room for such a fallacy. One of the most famous non-veg foods of Jaipur is mouth-watering mutton tikka.We assist you to get your urgent  indian visa to travel in India, then do apply for your e tourist visa India within 24-72 hours

Its spicy, juicy taste will work wonders for you if you are a non-veg food lover. Its magical taste will be the greatest pleasure for your taste buds.

5. Nimboo Paani

If you want to enjoy the allure and royalty of this capital city, then your being hydrated is the first requirement you need to fulfil during your trip to Jaipur. And, Nimboo paani is the best beverage for a foreigner like you for this purpose, which is called lemon water in English.

From plain lemon water to spicy or sour flavoured-lemon water, the people of the pink ccity has every taste to quench the thirst of their tired tourists.

6. Pakoras

Without tasting the magical taste of crispy, spicy and delicious pakoras of Jaipur, your visiting this royal land is futile. Innumerable local vendors sell pakoras and serve them with spicy green sauce or sweet red sauce, according to the customer’s choice.

There is nothing more comfortable when you sit with your friends in the evening after spending your whole day in the city and eat such crispy pakoras sharing your experiences and listening to theirs.

The taste of these local foods reaches their peak during the rainy season when you have them with a cup of tea or coffee.

7. Kulfi

Nothing is more pleasant than having the local Kulfis of Rajasthan in its semi-arid atmosphere. Apart from locals, a large number of foreigners find it the best cuisine in the summer season. The taste of Kulfi reaches the top when it is served with yellow faluda noodles, which makes it more attractive and tastier.

Its taste has stolen the heart of everybody that even in big hotels, there is a variety of kulfis to please their visitors.

8. Laal Maans

The pink city has everything for from vegetarians to non-vegetarians, and laal Maans is one of the most famous cuisines of the city among non-veg food seekers.

It is a mutton curry cooked in yogurt and other Rajasthani spices mainly red chilli; its royal taste will make its own place in the heart of any non-vegetarian.

It is served with thin Roomali rotis (Indian bread), so next time, when you visit Jaipur, don’t forget to lose yourself in the finest taste of a non-veg cuisine.

9. Shrikhand

The sweetness of Shrikhand is a boon to people with a sweet tooth in Jaipur. Its rich and creamy texture will make its way from your mouth to heart in a pleasant way. If you are going to attend business meeting in India, then are you are suggested to apply Indian business visa  today. 

Its taste reaches at the peak when served with seasonal nuts and dressings. The mouth-watering taste of this food will take you to a world too pleasant to describe. So, visiting Jaipur without tasting Shrikhand is like being away from the sweetness of the royal city.

10. Omelet

If you want to have the best morning in jaipur, then start your day by having an omelette. The best thing about this city is that you can find omelet sellers very easily, even at midnight.

It will not only make you strong during your trip, but it will also be the best treat for your taste buds. You can have them with spicy green chutney or red sauce according to your wish. It has not only won the hearts of foreign visitors, but locals also enjoy its delicious taste very much.



The blog told you about the ten famous cuisines of Jaipur you must eat during your visit. Our list of delicious foods of the pink city includes both veg and non-veg items like omelet, pyaz kachori, shrikhand, laal maans, lassi and the like.

If you are planning for a Jaipur trip as a foreigner to give your taste buds a treat, then you must apply for an Indian e-visa, which can be applied and received on the email.

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