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Clothing tips for a female tourist in India

It becomes very confusing for a foreigner, especially a female tourist to decide what to wear in India, as its diverse culture, vibrant atmosphere and fast-changing nature can leave anybody perplexed. If you want to get your Indian Visa Online done within some days, then we help you with it. Visit us and apply hassle-free. Furthermore, its conservative and traditional minded-people may feel offended.

The weather of this vast country changes according to time and place, resulting in a different clothing style in every place. But remember your dress says a lot about you, and modern or western clothes can be a reason for unbearable attention in many places. Or, even not covering your head in Gurudwara (Sikh temple) can also offend some people. So, you should know how to wear clothes in India as a female tourist.

Therefore, we have prepared a list of clothing tips for a female tourist in India. so, read this blog before planning your trip to India.

What to wear as a female tourist in India:


1. Pack light clothes for your summer trip:

The heat of India reaches its peak in the summer season, which is why you should pack light-weight and cotton clothes to manage there. The best thing there is that clothes are laundry are very cheap. So, you can re-wear your clothes again and again or buy ones if required.

2. Wear traditional clothes for religious places

if you are going to visit a religious place, then wearing traditional clothes is a must. Wearing western clothes can be shocking to people. So, buy saris, kurtas, churidars and Salwar kameez to seek blessings in this spiritually-blessed land.

Wearing a sari can be a burden, especially if you are overweight, but you can wear cotton, which are not only light but also air-providing.

3. Wear covering clothes

People of some small towns and villages find skin showing unacceptable and provocative, especially if the cleavage is visible. If you want to wear western, then wear a pant, not clinging to your body, or you can also buy skirts that go down to the ankle, not showing your skin.

You can also wear loose t-shirts, taking modesty into account. Before coming to India, pack those clothes that cover most of your body; not only to save you from vulture eyes but also to save you from irritating sunshine and pesky mosquitoes. We assist you to get your urgent indian visa to travel in India, then do apply for your e tourist visa India within 24-72 hours. 

4. Precautions when wearing bikini

In Goa or any other coastal area, you can weara bikini without any worry, but you should wear a sarong to save yourself from unwanted attention from local tourists.

Apart from that, many people can consider you a sex worker if wearing such clothes outside of the beach, so don’t forget to cover your whole body before getting back into town.

And, when finding beaches with a very small number of people, behave like a local woman, stay on the sand and wear your street clothes right into the water.

5. Be alert in discos or clubs

You can wear short skirts or any western dress and enjoy yourself in clubs or discos. However, you should make some distance from unknown people and stay away from those who stare you a lot.

And, remember your clothes say a lot about you in India, so take such points into account.



Here, we told you how to wear clothes in India as a female tourist. Our tips of wearing clothes in India include wearing body-covering clothes like sari, kurta and Salwar kameez.

We also told you that wearing bikini or any modern dress in many areas of India means getting unwanted attention, so be careful when it comes to clothing in such vast country where people of different mentality live together from modern to traditional, from lustful or genuine and from open-minded to narrow-minded ones.

If you want to come to India as a foreign tourist, then you can apply for an india visa and receive its electronic form to enter the country legally.

If you want to know its procedure or rules, then feel free to contact us.


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