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10 safety tips for a solo female foreigner visiting India.

In India, guests are taken for as a walking form of god. There is a saying in India ‘Athiti devo Bhava’ means a guest is a god. However, when it comes to women’s safety, no place in this world is completely safe for women. The same goes for India.  We help you to find hassle-free Indian Visa Online.

There are many unsafe areas in India where people are always waiting for taking advantage of a foreign solo woman, due to her ignorance and cultural difference. However, if you follow the safety tips given by our experts for a solo foreigner woman visiting India, then you can smell the fragrance of its cultural beauty without any hesitation or fear.

So, let’s straight come to the point and pay heed to the valuable words of advice given.

10 safety tips for a solo foreign woman visiting India:


1. Conduct deep research before coming

India is completely different from other famous tourist destinations in the world like Thailand, Greece or the Caribbean. Its unique, massive, traditional and diverse culture set it apart from others, which is why it’s very hard to understand it properly.

The more you familiarize yourself the better and safer you can prepare for your trip. A tremendous number of foreigners come to Rajasthan despite that it is completely a traditional state. If you wear erotic clothes, then you will definitely get unwanted and annoying attention. On the other hand, wearing such clothes is acceptable in modern cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

Watch Indian movies, read its culture and talk to those who have been to this culturally blessed land before. Despite being one of the most developing countries, India is still firmly rooted to its culture. And its people can become hostile when finding something going against their culture.

Don’t forget to wear traditional clothes while visiting religious places and don’t do anything that may hurt the religious sentiments of anybody.

In a nutshell, you should wear clothes according to the place where you will spend your holiday to avoid such vulture eyes.

2. Be impolite if required

Confidence and polite behaviour are your best companions if you are travelling somewhere, but in a country like India where many people are ready to make money from your ignorance or trap you in their net, you need to be impolite sometimes.

If beggars or any religious clerics are coming to you again and again, then you should shout at them and tell them to stay away from you. Use the word ‘jao’ which means go.

If someone asks you to have a photo with them, start scolding or ask other people for help.

3. Always follow your intuition

When someone comes to you or you go somewhere, look at the atmosphere or the person’s way of talking or dressing. If you sense something wrong or unusual, then make some distance from such places or people. If you want an urgent indian visa to travel in India, then do apply now to get an e-visa within 24 to 72 hours.

Remember that spies are told to use this tact for their safety, so don’t underestimate your innate senses.

4. Don’t forget to have a mobile

For your safety and convenience, you’d better have a local SIM card and mobile. You will be required to text messages, talk to someone and book hotels and buses or trains.

All you have to do is to have a copy of your passport, a passport-sized photo and an Indian evisa to get one. One more thing you must remember is that a tremendous amount of WiFi is available in India, especially in public places like airports and cafes, and a local number will help you take advantage of that.

Furthermore, you will also feel more secure that you are connected to the whole world just by using your fingertips.

5. If found, join a group

It tends to happen that you find your own countrymen in a foreign country who have more experience and knowledge than you and who can also guide you better. If you find such a friendly, familiar group, join them.

6. Don’t lose your positive attitude and confidence

If you are always having fear lurking behind you, then your whole trip will be a horrendous experience for you. That’s why you shouldn’t lose your confidence and positive attitude despite finding something sounding scary.

Remember that rapists tend to grab those girls who seem timid and can’t fight with them for safety. If you look confident, then it can work wonders for you.  

7. Don’t forget to take photos

Before you hire a rickshaw driver or travel on buses, don’t forget to take photos of the vehicle registered number and the driver or conductor to send them to your known people.

Doing so, you can avoid any incidence and such people will find you smart and sharp-minded and take you seriously. Even your hotel the people you talk to should be with official records. If anyone comes to you without any registration number of official records, stay away from such people.

8. See how you behave towards men

Like other countries, there are many men who are always on the lookout for an opportunity to take advantage of a woman. While talking to drivers, waiters, hotel staff, and the like, notice their way of talking. Always make some distance while being with them.

Remember that many men find foreigners as a sex object. Such people can take your friendliness and open behaviour as a signal that you are ready to sleep with them. So, your cheerful and warm attitude can put you into trouble in a vast country like India. If you are an international traveller and curious to visit India, then you need a valid India visa to enter the country.

So, being friendly and alert together must be taken into account.

9. Learn some Hindi

If you know some Hindi, not only you will feel confident but people will also consider you a familiar person and think 10 times before trying to trap you or tricking you into giving them more money.

Apart from that, talking to Indian people in their own language will make them feel wonderful, and they will give you more love and respect for that. Your hard work in learning a foreign language will be deeply appreciated.

10. Take necessary contact numbers

We put this point at the last so that you remember it first.

Taking numbers of foreigners’ safety organizations, phone numbers of police and the people you can trust can help you a lot.

You should find the embassy of your country and tell them about your journey. Furthermore, keep informing them wherever you go. Doing so, you can avoid something disastrous.

And remember the more prepared you are, the more secure you will feel.



In this article, we told you about 10 safety tips for a solo foreign woman travelling in India. Some of the points we mentioned are taking important contact details, doing research on the country, being confident, alert, and so on.

If you want to visit India as a foreign tourist, then you will be in possession of an Indian visa, which can be attained and applied online. You need to apply for an India e tourist visa india.

If you want further information about this, contact us.


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