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5 best historical places in Jammu and Kashmir you must not miss

The historical places of a country hold a great significance because they give us an idea of the architectural talent, creativity, hard work, dedication and pomp that our ancestors had.  If you want to get your Indian Visa Online done within some days, then we help you with it. Visit us and apply hassle-free.The same goes for Jammu and Kashmir, which is infamous for terror attacks and activities.

If you are planning to visit Jammu and Kashmir, then you must not forget to visit these most famous historical places in heaven on Earth. They give us an image that represents our legacy left by our rulers or kings. In these historical places, you will see Islamic architecture, lush green colourful gardens, attractive carvings and water pools, which make the state a perfect destination for those who are always curious to know the life and cultural beauty that this beautiful state and its people once had.

Apart from that, the beauty of these historical places reach the peak when one gets an enchanting view of misty valleys, snow-capped mountains, greenery and so on. Therefore, we have selected the top five historical places in Jammu and Kashmir so that you can quench your thirst for the historical knowledge of the state during your visit there.

5 most beautiful historical places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir:


1. Hari Parbat Fort, Srinagar

If you visit Srinagar and don’t see Hari Parbat Fort, then your visit is futile. The most interesting thing about this fort is that you can find a view of it from anywhere in the city.

It is surrounded by charming gardens, lush green dense forests and eye-catchy plains. This historical fort is also a pilgrimage site for the devotees of Sarika Devi, which is why it is brimmed with tourists for the whole year. Nature lovers find this no less than a paradise due to the greenery around.

2. Mubarak Mandi Place, Jammu

Mubarak Mandi Place is one of the most sought-after historical places in Jammu and Kashmir, which was once the royal residence of a Dogra King. This gift left by Indian ancestors helps us understand the pomp and royalty that the king had 160 years ago. We assist you to get your urgent indian visa to travel in India, then do apply for your e tourist visa India within 24-72 hours. 

You can see the traces of Rajasthani architecture, Mughal styles and European Baroque in this historical monument. The complex of this fort comprises many palaces and buildings like Royal Courts, Rani Charak Palace, Gol Ghar Complex, Sheesh Mahal and so on. Furthermore, you can also visit the Dogra Art Museum that lies in the Pink Hall of this building where you can see some heart-touching old paintings and some arrow of Mughals.

3. Bahu Fort, Jammu

The biggest credit of making Jammu and Kashmir the Heaven on Earth should go to the Bahu Fort. It is located on the left bank of the Tawi River. The beautifully built also has a Hindu Goddess Kali Temple inside it where people with devotion come to pay their reverence to the Goddess.

Some people also call this temple Bave Wali Mata Temple. After seeing the immense popularity of this place, the government converted the surrounding forests into a park so that people can take rest and chat with each other during their trip. The revered shrine and enchanting garden make this fort one of the best historical places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir.

4. Martand Sun Temple, Jammu and Kashmir

It is one of the most prominent shrines in Srinagar, which is dedicated to the Lord Surya (the sun). It has a marvelous architecture and is located in Anantnag. If you visit Kashmir, then you must pay your reverence to this shrine to appreciate its attractive structure.

You can see beautifully-designed carvings on the stones if you have a walk in the courtyard. Although half- ruined, the beauty of this temple still compels Bollywood directors to find it a perfect location for their films. Famous films like Haider, Aandhi and some others have been shot here. The best thing about this place is that it gives us our nerves the solace of positivity.

5. Bhimgarh Fort, Jammu

Bhimgarh Fort was initially constructed with mud and later with stone by Maharaja Rishipal Rana. After some time, King Gulab Singh added the enchanting grand entrance and stone walls, which made it more attractive.

It is one of the most visited historical places by tourists in Jammu and Kashmir. The thing people enjoy most here is to have a walk in royal gardens and pathways. There is also a temple inside the fort whose beauty compels tourists to visit it again and again.



In this blog, we told you about the 5 best historical places in Jammu and Kashmir for tourists. Some of the most famous historical places we named are Bhimgarh Fort, Martand Sun Temple, Bahu Fort and so on.

If you are planning to know the traces of history in this state, then you must apply for an Indian visa online whose electronic form will be sent to you if your visa application is approved.

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