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10 most delicious cuisines of Bikaner you must taste

Known as the camel country, the city of Bikaner is one of the most loved tourist destinations in India despite being extremely hot in the summer season. If you want to get your Indian Visa Online done within some days, then we help you with it. Visit us and apply hassle-free.
And apart from its glorious heritage beauty, traditional songs, folk dances, cultural celebrations and festivals, the city has lip-smacking foods to please its tourists whether domestic or international.

Here, you can feel the royalty of Rajputs that they used to have when ruled by seeing their palaces, Havelis, Forts and artifacts. Behind the glorious history of Rajputana, some most famous mouth-watering foods like pakodi and gate ki sabzi are not behind in impressing foreigners. They play a huge role in helping them cope with the atmosphere of Bikaner well. That’s why we have prepared a list of some most scrumptious foods of the city so that you can know exactly how to please your taste buds when in this royal city.

1. Raj Kachori

There is no better street food in the entire Rajasthan than a plate of Kachori, especially in Bikaner. And the popularity of Raj Kachori is always at the peak among tourists due to its spicy, savoury and magical taste.

There are many varieties of Kachoris in Bikaner, but the most famous one is Raj Kachori. It is filled with mashed potato sabji, sprout mixture and some spices and served with beaten curd. Most people prefer eating it with tamarind chutney or green chilli sauce to start their day at breakfast. You can also have a plate of kachori with a cup of tea to beat the fatigue and lift your mood.

2. Pakodi

There is nothing more pleasant in Bikaner than having a cup of hot tea with hot moong dal pakodas on a rainy day along with your friends or special one. These pakodas are served with tamarind sauce and green chutney.

Its spicy taste takes foodies into another world where their taste buds have a retreat.

3. Kesar Fini

Kesar Fini is also called Sutarfeni fulfills the desire of the tourists with a sweet tooth. It made from rice flour, semolina and roasted in desi ghee. People serve it with chopped almonds and pistachios.

It is mostly liked by children who can’t eat spicy and oily foods like Kachori. It is also flavoured with saffron in some places of Bikaner, which is why people call it Kesar Fini. We assist you to get your urgent indian visa to travel in India, then do apply for your e tourist visa India within 24-72 hours. 

4. Ghevar

Ghevar is another sweet food item in our list. It is not only famous in Bikaner but the entire Rajasthan. People make this sweet on special occasions like the Teej festival. However, its magical taste always keeps it in demand for the whole season.

It is a disc-shaped sweet dish made from refined flour after that soaked in sugary syrup. There are many varieties of Ghevar in the market like plain, mawa and malai ghevar. You can choose one as per your choice and get some rabdi sprinkled upon its top to make its look and taste better.

5. Churma Dal Batti

Churma Dal Batti is made from dal and served with hard wheat rolls called baati.  To prepare this delicious dish, you need some toor dal, chana dal, mung dal, moth dal, moth dal with a balanced amount of spices.

It is served with desi ghee, green chutney and some salads. You can find this famous staple in the shops of the city.

6. Gatte ki Sabji

It is a well-known fact that Gatte ki Sabji is traditional Rajasthani cuisine. Although you can cook it at home, its real taste can be found only in Bikaner.

You can eat it at lunch or dinner as per your wish. It is made from gram flour dumplings and some Rajasthani spices, which makes it lip-smacking.

7. Laal Maas

The city has also something special for its non-vegetarian tourists, and it pleases them with the delicious taste of Laal Maas. Remember this dish is not for people with a soft stomach. In fact, it is very spicy, hot and heavy, which is why most people avoid eating this. Are you planning your vacay in India with your loved ones? Apply for an Indian visa before your journey to India. 

It is served with bread, roti, naan and paratha, and sometimes people prefer eating it with rice to other items mentioned. Non-vegetarians hardly control themselves after smelling its appetite-boosting aroma.

8. Rasgulla

If you are with your kids on your holiday, then the best food you can feed them in Bikaner is a plate of some Rasgullas, which are very spongy and delicious. Most kids have a sweet tooth, and the sweet taste of Rasgulla works wonders for them.

It is made from milk and after that put in a sugar syrup. From place to place, you can find different varieties of Rasgullas in Bikaner, but the most famous one is made with kesar. So, if you want to have something after eating spicy and heavy foods, then Rasgullas with kesar can be your best choice here.

9. Bikaneri Bhujia

Bikaneri Bhujia is one of the best companions of tea in Bikaner and other parts of Rajsthan. It is made from moth beans, groundnut oil, besan and some other spices. It is everyone’s favourite who tastes it once, and it is believed that this bhujia was first originated in Bikaner, thus deriving its name after the city. You can find its tremendous varieties, and you can pick one considering your taste.

10. Papad ki Sabji

Papad ki Sabji is one of the most sought-after delicacies of Bikaner made from authentic spices of Rajasthan and papad. People often cook this food in their houses on special occasions. You can eat this gravy dish at dinner or lunch when you feel comfortable.

Let’s conclude all

Here, we discussed the 10 most delicious delicacies of Bikaner you must taste. Our list of the most famous dishes of Bikaner includes Papad ki Sabji, Rasgulla, Kachori and so on.

If you have a desire to visit India and taste its magical foods, then you must apply for an Indian visa online.

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