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Guided Slum Tours
Set off on a unique 3-hour walking tour of the Sanjay Colony and get a first-hand glimpse of how the life is in a Delhi slum. Rendezvous with the day to day struggles of few Delhi’s poorest inhabitants, and learn about the rich culture and sensitivity the communities living in this area have developed among themselves. Begin with a morning or afternoon departure, travel in a metro and spend time visiting the local homes, temples, schools and small thriving businesses. This tour is limited to a small-group of a maximum of six people, ensuring a respectful, unintimidating and non-intrusive visits for everyone.

Morning or afternoon, take a 3 hour walking tour of Sanjay Colony, a slum area in Delhi. Attend a local knowledgeable tour guide on foot through the hedges-like route and get almost an aerial view from a rooftop. See small scale businesses and other establishments at work. Visit a local school, partially supported by charity and donations from the tours and proceeds. Learn and explore, how the residents in the slums cope with the living conditions and limited resources. Travel on a one way metro ticket to Okhla Station to take a small-group tour with a maximum of 6 people to get a first-hand experience.

Why travellers choose this Tour?
This tour has been designed for visitors gain a deeper and intense understanding of day to day life of residents in Sanjay Colony. A small part of the tour proceeds is also circulated into the community.

What can be expected from the Tour?
Watch students learning in a local Sanjay Colony classroom. The tour guide will meet you at Connaught Place (C.P.) in the morning or afternoon, depending on the time and option selected upon booking and from there, set off on a metro for Sanjay Colony, a small slum area in Okhla Phase 2 built on 17 acres (6 hectares) of land. After finishing the metro ride of almost 1.5-hours, commence your slum tour of almost 1.5 hours on foot with your guide and your co-travelers in the same small group. Follow the hedges like narrow streets as you’re introduced to a clothes recycling-and-manufacturing business to observe how materials are painstakingly separated, and learn about the clothing factories where many families work to make the finished items. Stop by a enterprising residents and their small-scale industries. You are requested to leave your cameras at home, photos are prohibited on this tour, and give your full attention to the conversation that describes the life of people and buildings that surround you. There you can meet people and ask them questions related to their daily life and learn about their routines they follow and struggles they come across in their life. You will learn how the residents live in close network and almost every person living in the proximity are known to each other. The guide will take you to a small Hindu temple built in the area where you may learn about the beliefs and importance of religion in the resident’s lives. You will gain a deeper understanding of the daily life of a slum when you visit a local residents home, where you can engage yourself with the person in an informational conversation and with their family. The guide will take you to a stunning rooftop view of Sanjay Colony before ending your tour at a small school which will give you an idea about how they live in a cluster, you can see evidence of the positive contribution that proceeds from the tour make in the community.

We are sensitive to the issues and concerns surrounding slums and we understand that this tour may not be suitable for everyone. We strongly believe that the purpose of this tour is for educational alone and to get a better understanding of life inside Sanjay Colony.

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