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Yoga Tours and Training
If India is the birth place of Yoga then Rishikesh is the birthplace of Yogis who gave birth to “YOGA”. Rishikesh not only has some of the best yoga schools in India but it also provides an idyllic holiday destination where peace and spirituality reign. Book your Rishikesh yoga retreat stay well in advance for the slots fill up very fast since they are very affordable at just US $395 for a week or $795 for two weeks stay inclusive of yoga learning, accommodation and food. This holiday cum yoga practice is sure to open up new horizons for you and you may discover that you would like to make yoga teaching your vocation seeing as how this retreat benefitted you. Try out the gentle way of learning yoga in a Rishikesh Yoga retreat in India. These one and two week yoga retreats will attune you to ashram life along with some holiday activities like rafting, trekking and local sightseeing. Combine this with a free Ayurvedic massage and you know you have a bargain on hand. You will get to understand the yogic way of life and that could lead you to discover that yogic practice is what you were waiting for all this while to transform your life into something more meaningful.

What Yoga (Art of Living) has to offer you?
"Yoga has a complete message for humanity It has a message for the human body, It has a message for the human mind, And it has also a message for the human soul"

What Yoga does?
Yogic Asanas/exercises are referred as "neuromuscular integration," because they benefit not only the muscular, cardiovascular, and metabolic systems but also serve to integrate mind and body to order to create specific and predictable physiological effects. The restraint of senses occurs when the mind is able to remain in its chosen direction and the senses disregard the different objects around them and faithfully follow the direction of the mind.
Once the direction is fixed, then the mental activities form an uninterrupted flow only in relation to this object. Initially our understanding is influenced by misapprehension, our imagination and our memories. But as the process of comprehension intensifies and deepens our understanding of the object. Soon the individual is so much involved in the object that nothing except its comprehension is evident. It is as if the individual has lost his own identity. This is the complete integration with the object of understanding.

What Yoga can achieve for you?
Yoga confines their attention on the first components involving varieties Asanas, Pranayama and Meditational techniques. Upyoga is the use of yogic skills throughout the day. This broad framework in mind not only gives a relief from our problem but opens up new way of enjoying your life.

Yogic program for healthy living

  • Inner awareness
  • Movements and Asanas
  • Breathing and Pranayama
  • Meditative state and inner silence

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